A Dad’s Tale

I’m Joshua (ngwoosh), the husband/father in this circus.

My wife mentioned me writing about cloth diapering on my own blog, which I took as an invitation to write this for hers.

Back when we were cloth diapering for Noah, we were using bum genius diapers (pockets) with inserts. I didn’t do enough of the diaper changing, but I adapted to the system. Even with big hands I was able to put the inserts in the pocket and pull them out. We started out with velcro, which was quickly worn out and causing issues velcro-ing to the other diapers in the washer/dryer. Eventually we converted over to snaps, which were great for us.

Fast forward a few years, we decide to cloth diaper for Olivia.

Lynn chooses prefolds and covers. CRAP. What is this I don’t even? I helped choose some prints but beyond that I was pretty hands off for a while.

At first I didn’t change any diapers until she brought in some pockets, but once Lynn showed me how she does it I found that prefolds are not only easy to use, they are almost easier. As long as I know where everything is, I’m good to go. Grab a prefold, grab a snappi, try to get it all changed out before Liv gets squirmy, toss the dirty prefold in the pail, and throw a cover on. Shazam. Lynn has told me I do a good job keeping it trim, but she might just be trying to keep me doing diaper changes.

Changing Liv’s diaper is now a pretty common thing for me now, prefold or otherwise. I tend to lean towards prefold by choice these days.

Now I’m sure Lynn would appreciate me working on the diaper laundry… one thing at a time.

Bittersweet Purging

There is always a sense of accomplishment when I get rid of stuff we no longer need. I feel a little more free and a lot less cluttered in my mind.

Unfortunately, sometimes it is a little bittersweet. One of the hardest things for me to declutter are my kids’ clothes. Noah’s aren’t so bad any more…he outgrows stuff about every year now, and it’s not a huge jump when he does (or it is, depending on how you look at it, I guess). Olivia’s are harder. She turned 3 months old this past Thursday and she’s transitioning into 6 month clothing. Yes, my little newborn barely-a-7-pounder is now 14 pounds and long and huge. Still itty bitty to hold compared to her brother at three months old, but huge.

However, as bittersweet as it is, it must be done. Thankfully, I can give a lot of it to my cousin, Michelle, who is expecting this June, because many things were “gender neutral” or “boyish” hand-me-downs from Noah. I saved some favorites, of course, but for the most part, there is a pretty big haul headed her way and most of it is in pristine condition because Noah wore it once and Liv wore it once or not at all. So there is a positive, definitely, in knowing that these clothes are going to my little nephew (technicalities aside).

Then there is the benefit of having more space, of course. I re-organized her drawers and hanging clothes and there is a lot more room for everything, which is nice. There is a whole range of sizes (newborn to 3 months) that I am no longer holding onto. There are a bunch of clothes that fit her but aren’t the nicest (like heavy staining) that I could get rid of, because we are blessed to have a good bit of clothes for her 6 month size to add to the “nice” 3 month stuff. My mom, grandmother, aunt and cousin Alexa have been especially sweet in picking out goodies for Olivia and then I found a good deal on Carter’s onesies.

So, yeah, I suppose there is an upside, but I would be lying if I said I wasn’t going to shed a few tears over her rapidly disappearing newborn days. Three months is kind of a big one. Ah, babies. At least there is so much to look forward to.

Oh! And speaking of babies and gifts and clothes… a couple of weeks ago, I went to Michelle’s baby shower and got to feel her baby bump. Woohoo! I’m so excited for her and her husband. I mean, I felt that baby bump and I started to cry! Anyway, I bring this up because I forgot to post pictures at the time and my mom is probably reading this and thinking “Finally! She takes forever.” I love you, Mom. Now here are those pictures. =P

(Click to enlarge.)

And just for fun: