Babywearing Makes Life Easier

Olivia’s sweet disposition and babywearing combine to make my life so much easier. I wanted to make a quick trip to HEB to pick up a few things (caffeine-free Coke, mostly) and it was just the two of us. I stuck some prefolds and a spare cover into the diaper bag, tied my Moby Wrap around me and popped her in.

Using my wrap makes it easy to get to the car and set down the diaper bag before I need to get her buckled into her carseat. She hates being in her carseat most of the time but today she just smiled at me and started watching the world go by. We got stuck in traffic on the way there (even though I took the route I was sure would have less traffic at 6:30 in the evening) and while I could hear her hiccuping, I didn’t hear any fussing.

We got to HEB and, because I just leave the wrap on and drive with it, (feels similar to a light jacket, really), I was able to pop her right back in and get on with my grocery shopping. She’s content because she’s right up against me, snug as a bug, (I just love that saying!), and feeling the rhythm of my walk, just like when she was in the womb. Normally she’ll go to sleep after watching everything for a few minutes but today she was particularly curious and decided to stay awake. That does mean that I have to support her head with one arm – leaving me with one hand free – but she has good enough head control that I can actually let go if I really need to. I’m just extremely cautious. :)

When she does go to sleep, I tuck her head in one cross-over, like this:

Then I’m left hands free entirely. (That picture is from a couple of weeks ago and her head is usually covered a little more but it’s hard to get action shots while using the wrap.)

Anyway, hands free or one hand free or whatever, I am usually able to get through a store really quickly, like I was today. I had no issues at check out, though I did take up the bagger on his offer of “car service” or whatever they call it, but it’s not necessary when she’s in the wrap because I can actually get groceries in the car by myself, but to get help is not a bad thing.

Wraps do have a learning curve and since I’m actually new to wraps with Olivia – unfortunately, I did not find the wrap love with Noah – I’m not the best person to teach anyone other than a basic carry, but I can’t recommend them enough. They aren’t for everyone, and that’s why there are so many types of baby carriers like ring slings, mei tais (LOVE mine), pouches, soft-structured carriers and more. Tons more. It doesn’t have to be daunting, though, because the main ones like wraps, mei tais and SSCs will work for pretty much everyone willing to work with the learning curve.

All that to say that I just love my wrap. Love it! And I’m sure this isn’t going to be the last post about how much I love it or other carriers because I haven’t even pulled my mei tai out yet. It’s almost time, though, because Liv is getting a bit heavy for the Moby. (Since they are stretchier fabrics intended for newborns and smaller babies, they sink down with the weight of the baby and don’t give as much support as a woven wrap would.)

You know, since I make giant babies and all.