Minecraft, Kids and Imaginations

I wore myself out today! I have been making a point to take Noah out for an hour a day, at least, so he can work off some of this energy that’s been making him an annoying – but still cute – pain in the butt. I love him, but four year olds have so much energy and if they get too pent up, they start to bounce off of the walls… possibly literally.

My brother and his friend were nice enough to come over and play with us so we went outside and ended up playing tag, in a sense, with a Minecraft spin. All of us, including Noah, play Minecraft. It’s pretty fun, especially if you like Legos, so Noah and I were “super humans” with our hands held and we chased the “zombie” and the “skeleton” (Gregory and Alex). The boys fashioned swords out of tree branches (to my motherly unease, but kids will be kids) and Alex made a bow from some greener branches he found on the ground. It was pretty creative, honestly! I loved seeing them use their imaginations and working together to bring a fun game from the computer to life.

Here’s Noah, after tackling his uncle, the zombie:

I’m not used to running around any more, though, which I’m honestly sad to say. I need to work on that, but hopefully swimming this summer will restore some of my endurance. I couldn’t swim much last summer because I was too nauseated with morning sickness. Fun stuff, that. Blech.

I did have a lot of fun playing with my imagination. I live in my mind quite a bit, as someone who likes to read and daydream, but I don’t often share my imagination with others. I don’t know if it’s too awkward or that I’m just shy – I’m definitely introverted – but breaking out of my shell to play was fun. There’s nothing quite like kids to make you think out of the box and seeing the world through Noah’s eyes has been an adventure in exactly that.

I wonder what it will be like, looking through Olivia’s?

First Playdate and GCDC

We have had a busy week! For others, it probably seemed pretty low key but for homebodies like us, we like being with each other at home.

Still, every now and then I like to get out with friends, so Liv had her first playdate last Sunday. Liv is three months old now (really??) and Avery is 8 months old so there is a bit of an age difference but in a few months, it won’t matter as much.

However, as soon as Pam (Avery’s mom) and I got to talking, Olivia found her favorite two fingers and fell asleep. Avery wanted to play, but she seemed content playing with the wall puzzle (?) while we watched her. Such a cute little girl!


It’s nice to have friends, isn’t it? ;) It’s so funny to me to see the side-by-side picture, though. Olivia is huge! She weighed 14 pounds last week and she’s about 22″ long. Mind you, she was born at just under 7 pounds, so evidently my kids just do not want to be small. Ah well; as long as they’re healthy.

Afterwards, it was my aunt’s birthday so I went by there and Liv was played with by most of my extended family. I didn’t get as many pictures as I would have liked, but here are two with her aunt Alexa.

WordPress cannot decide if it’s going to rotate pictures properly or not. Sorry about the random orientation issues.

Anyway, as I’m already doing a picture post, since I haven’t had much leftover brain power this week to write anything (just one of those weeks, really), I’ll go ahead and share the ones from The Great Cloth Diaper Change too.

The GCDC is an event intended to bring awareness to the world about modern cloth diapers. Most people, when they think about cloth diapers, they picture flats (the very big flat blanket that you fold up), pins, and plastic pants. They don’t know about pockets, which are pretty much like a disposable except without the chemicals and you can adjust absorbency. (Meaning one type of absorbency for a couple of hours during the day and a totally different type of absorbency for overnight.) They don’t know about All-in-Ones that don’t even require stuffing. They might know about prefolds, but not that they have super easy Snappis and very cute covers (like Thirsties or Blueberries).

So this event was started last year and it’s now an entry in the Guinness Book of World Records. Adult/baby teams all over the world get prepared and change diapers at exactly the same time. That can mean 11:30 AM in Texas or 12:30 PM in New York. It meant 5:30 PM in London and even later in other participating countries! But we did it; we joined up in groups of 25 or more (the minimum for a location to count towards the record) and had chats and changed diapers. The location I went to today, Rite of Passage in Pearland, had 44 pairs! There were swag bags (mine was pink, woohoo!) and raffles and vendors with really cute stuff. My mother even bought Olivia a couple of bows that she modeled as soon as she got home:

These bows are by Cute, Cuter! Bows and Clippies and they seem really well made. I’m looking forward to getting a few more. They’re put on alligator clips so they can be attached to a headband for smaller babies. I never thought I’d be a “hair bow mom” but they’re just so cute. I’m a sucker for cute. ;)

Cute stuff aside, I had fun today. My mother went with me, so she was able to help me wrangle Olivia and the bags and see all kinds of cute diapers with even cuter babies in them. We saw all kinds of baby carriers, nursing moms…if it’s natural-parenting related, it was probably there! It was really nice to feel “normal” for once, among other cloth diapering, breastfeeding, babywearing moms. Usually I get some flack for cloth diapering (even from Liv’s [old] doctor) or for nursing but that wasn’t an issue today. I met some great ladies and the event hostesses obviously worked very hard. I’m looking forward to next year and I can’t wait to see the results from this year.

I’ll leave you with a picture of Olivia right before the change: