Mother’s Day 2012 and a Decision

Quite unintentionally, I took a short hiatus from the blog. I have been really busy this week, yes, but not so busy that I couldn’t write. It was just that I couldn’t decide what to write. When I created, I had two different types of blogs in mind. Both are wonderful ideas but they don’t really mesh well into one website. So I had to take a few days to think about which direction I wanted to take this blog and how I wanted to make it work. I’ve decided, now, and I’m feeling very confident and excited about my decision but now I’m also behind on some blogging topics I meant to get down!

That’s okay; I’d rather have too many ideas than none. Olivia also serves to be a very efficient muse, while her brother usually likes to be the masterpiece. The two together make for some interesting journal entries, but until now, they’ve been private entries in my personal journal.

So from here on out, I’ll be a bit more productive. I have two reviews that are ready to go, and I’m excited about those. One is a local WAHM and the other is a bigger diaper company whose products I genuinely love and want to rave about. I also have in mind some things I want to write about cloth diapers for my family and friends who wonder just why I would return to the days of washing diapers instead of using disposables. Basically, I have plans!

This weekend, though, is Mother’s Day weekend and I will be spending it with my beautiful family. It has been exactly five years since I learned I was pregnant with Noah (Mother’s Day 2007, also May 13th) and that seems worth celebrating.