A Dad’s Tale

I’m Joshua (ngwoosh), the husband/father in this circus.

My wife mentioned me writing about cloth diapering on my own blog, which I took as an invitation to write this for hers.

Back when we were cloth diapering for Noah, we were using bum genius diapers (pockets) with inserts. I didn’t do enough of the diaper changing, but I adapted to the system. Even with big hands I was able to put the inserts in the pocket and pull them out. We started out with velcro, which was quickly worn out and causing issues velcro-ing to the other diapers in the washer/dryer. Eventually we converted over to snaps, which were great for us.

Fast forward a few years, we decide to cloth diaper for Olivia.

Lynn chooses prefolds and covers. CRAP. What is this I don’t even? I helped choose some prints but beyond that I was pretty hands off for a while.

At first I didn’t change any diapers until she brought in some pockets, but once Lynn showed me how she does it I found that prefolds are not only easy to use, they are almost easier. As long as I know where everything is, I’m good to go. Grab a prefold, grab a snappi, try to get it all changed out before Liv gets squirmy, toss the dirty prefold in the pail, and throw a cover on. Shazam. Lynn has told me I do a good job keeping it trim, but she might just be trying to keep me doing diaper changes.

Changing Liv’s diaper is now a pretty common thing for me now, prefold or otherwise. I tend to lean towards prefold by choice these days.

Now I’m sure Lynn would appreciate me working on the diaper laundry… one thing at a time.